Hire Melissa Shaw MarketingDistinctive, on-brand, strategic writing for web and for print — on time, every time.

  • Are you an agency that needs help when work exceeds capacity?
  • Are you a marketing exec who need to outsource website content or other branded writing?
  • Are you a small business owner who needs help solidifying your brand, building a basic business website, or wrapping your head around marketing your small business?
  • Do you need SEO-optimized web content that’s ready to publish immediately?
  • Does your agency need a ghost writer for policy, nonprofit, arts, or technology content?
  • Does your organization’s blog need frequent, relevant posts?
  • Have you developed a beautiful logo for your company, but are struggling to come up with the words that best represent your brand?
  • Do you know what your website needs, but don’t have enough time to write the content yourself?

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