Not all freelancers are created equally. My professional ethics are core to how I do business with you. I respect the investment you’ve made in your business by hiring me, and I hope to add value to your business by following these guiding professional values:

If I can support your company’s marketing, branding, or content, please contact me today.


I will respect your time and your investment by arriving on time and prepared to our phone or in-person meetings.


I’m a straight shooter. If I don’t believe I’m a good fit for your project, I’ll let you know. If you need a skill set I don’t have, I’ll do my best to find a partner who has it. And if we’re working together on a project that goes off the rails, I’ll (respectfully) sound the alarm.


I’m an extremely focused worker. I love building relationships with my clients, and I think the best relationships come from working together towards a shared purpose. I’ll keep our meetings and projects directed and productive, and hope that you’ll keep your eyes on the prize, as well.

Melissa Gilliam Shaw Marketing - Testimonial from Gus WagnerEffective Time Management

My pricing (even for retainers and projects) is structured around an hourly base rate. If, despite working in a focused way, we begin approaching our budgeted time allowances, I’ll be honest (see that? shootin’ straight) with you so that we can decide together how to best move forward in respect to your business goals and budget.


Communication is critical when your bottom line is at stake. Email is the best way to reach me, and I do my best to always respond as quickly as possible during business hours. I’m inclined to over- rather than under-communicate, and will let you know if circumstances arise that will have me offline for any length of time.


When you hire me, you’ve made an investment in your business. My reputation and your brand’s marketing will both be elevated when we work together to achieve your company’s marketing, branding, and content goals. I view our relationship as one in which respect, honesty, focus, time management, and responsiveness each play a part in building a mutually beneficial, enjoyable professional partnership.